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How we went from on-line diet to diet app: Instant Success in a little over a decade

How we went from on-line diet to diet app: Instant Success in a little over a decade

The Early Years 

Sixteen years ago, a website called A Personal Dietitian made customized, personal weight loss plans developed by a registered dietitian accessible and affordable with the click of a “mouse”. Yes, it was that long ago  we were using mice and AOL was king. The idea was to create and individualize healthy eating plans, and give personal, professional diet help by combining website tools and personal access to a dietitian. Great idea right?

Our First Sales!

Buying on-line is an everyday thing now, but if you weren’t there when web based sales were just becoming popular, I can’t adequately describe the mysterious and wondrous event it was to get credit card receipts from people all over the world who actually wanted our service. It was personal and yet remote at the same time, and it worked – our website remained a productive and satisfying business model for many years. Then came the serious competition and we would spend the next ten years competing with big diet businesses with big advertising dollars and small diet business trying to become big ones. Suddenly it seemed like everyone became a personal dietitian or had a personal nutrition website. It was hard to differentiate our professional nutrition services and products from the automated diet programs, celebrity diets, personal trainers and fad diets. And, quite honestly, the average dieter still has a hard time choosing a diet that’s right for them, especially if they don’t care if the diet is safe or evidence based as long as it works in the short term.


Custom Diet App

Ever hear people say…

Ever hear people say: “If I knew when I started this it would be this much work I never would have done it?”  Thank god for the naivety and passion that gives us all the drive to do something we believe in or we would all still be using fire to cook with. Oh wait, we still are – I love fire-roasted anything!

Stay tuned and read upcoming blogs on the challenges of building an accurate, functioning nutrition data base, some editorial remarks on the inaccurate diet trackers, and my real passion, making it easier for people to reach their personal health and weight goals by making good information turn into good choices that become good habits for life.

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